Transformation Coach, Life Strategist, Success Wizard

Vijay Kovilakonda is a Post Graduate in Business management and Winner of The Great Managers Award 2018 by People Business, partnered by Economic times and ET Now.    

Vijay Kovilakonda is a professional coach and influencer who has been teaching students the art of self-delivery for close to two decades. A recognised trainer, Vijay’s approach to his modules are always analytical, emotional and empathetic. Vijay’s passionate commitment to his work focuses on personal and professional life coaching, creative and entrepreneurial consulting, inspirational speaking, soft- skill development and personality management.

Vijay’s strengths lie in his ability to derive a direct connect with his audience. He uses real-life anecdotes and relatable stories from texts that help listeners introspect. He assists them in creating life balance, enabling them to identify their strengths and values, overcoming fears and limiting beliefs and integrating sustainable change not only in what they do, but in who they are becoming


Life Coach, Vedanta Trainer, Determined Being 

Aruna Kovilakonda is a Post Graduate in Literature from Andhra University, a distinguish entrepreneur, philosopher and practitioner of ancient wisdom to make it simpler for modern learners. Student of Swami Parthasarathy in the Vedanta Academy, Lonavla

Her methods have helped her clients from major corporations and students as well from different institutions to embark on newer challenges. Her extensive people skills a personal experience allows Aruna to create compassion and trust with her clients and audience to move them forward to envision and embrace their definition of success. 

Her public discourses on Bhagavad gita, Atma bodha, and many other scriptural texts are always the talk of the town, which caters to spiritual enthusiasts of varied ages and cultures.   

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