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At Up n Rise we have partnered with some of the best service providers in the field of enhancing learning and development.



Imagine a world where you can learn anything in just a moment. With Oust, we want to make the learning process simple, effective and engaging.


A scalable solution for pre-hiring assessments on the mobile phone and web. It makes it extremely easy for organizations to manage large volumes of applicants to shortlist candidates.
The SaaS solution on mobile and web solves the problem with instant results using our real time Analytics across multiple areas of assessment and gives shortlists for next steps in hiring.


The mobile solution can deliver voluminous content in the form of short gamified micro courses. A 10 page document can be delivered in a short micro-course of 5 minutes or less.  It makes learning fun and engaging.
With the realtime analytics, we can also tell you how well the candidates have understood the content.


Change has been faster than ever before and therefore ongoing training is a never ending process. The employee has to sharpen her skills and acquire new skills to stay relevant. It’s not just instructor-led training that suffices. Periodic reinforcements are essential for internalization and hence behavior change. Oust provides a cutting edge technology based mobile solution which drives learning through reinforcements which are short, engaging and fun!


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