What do we have to offer?

The world is advancing at breathtaking speed and the demand for new & evolving skills to keep up the pace never ends. 

As your training partner UP n Rise provides customised, interactive pieces of training that not just gets your new workforce job ready but would also provide them a complete path towards a successful career.

At Up n Rise, we proudly tailor our training programs to fit the specific needs of each company  / colleges we partner with. Our proactive approach to nurturing customised, flexible, and convenient training strategies is ideal for any workforce.

Overview of Courses

India is developing country and we don’t call it developed yet, basically it means their are tons of things to be done in and around, It also means their are millions of jobs available and it is also a country with very high population of youth, it means their are tons of young people available for these jobs.

When we have large set of young people who are qualified but not yet employable, our focus should be on building employability.

Our intention is to bridge this gap, we want every qualified person should be employable and employable to his capability and caliber

For Colleges

  • Employability skills

  • Building Confidence

  • CV preparation and writing

  • Group discussions

  • Interview Techniques

  • Customer service skills

  • Personal selling skills

  • Behavioral and Interpersonal skills

  • Personality development programs

  • Communication Skills

  • Teachers Development programs

For Companies

  • Behavioural Skills

  • Selling Skills

  • Process building and training

  • Outbound Training programs

  • OD interventions & Building culture

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