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L&D as Business Consultancy

Identifying and articulating the real business problem (Said and Unsaid)
Designing a customized L&D strategy and plan based on Competency mapping and business needs current and future to create a sustainable and vibrant organization culture
Executing the strategic learning plan by designing, delivering, and monitoring programs and processes which helps build soft skills and competencies leading to the achievement of business goals
Empower internal teams by Creating learning management processes, Train the Trainer programs, and digital tools for continuous learning and Communication and Branding to create the impact


Using microlearning platform to keep the learning continued and easy
Training is not a one-time activity, we help institutionalise the key business process by creating systems and tool for building a continuous learning culture  
Include digital tools for microlearning, learning nuggets, SOP’s, Process charts

Learning Content Development

Practical, Engaging, Customized, gamification based content 
Well researched and include industry best practices to make it relevant for  my audience  
Needed formats like presentation, case study, a simulation, SOP’s to be relevant for all modes like classroom, online, video learning, and microlearning 

Certifications & Assessments Engine

Measuring learnings of participants by setting up an assessment engine in place
Ability to create long term certification programs to align Career path, Learning path, and Business needs.
Smart assessments measure learners' knowledge and application to identify learning gaps and reinforce the seriousness of learning initiatives. 

Learning Facilitation & Delivery

Simplified, practical, passionate, energetic, and experiential sessions
Storytelling  with personal insights and apt examples
Sustain the balance of Facilitation and teaching to bring out your organizations innate knowledge   

Our Customized  Offer

1.  Art of Selling @ UPnRise

2. Process Enhancement

3. Channel Management

4. New Managers Development Program

5. Account Management

Values & Ethics in Businesspeople   Ethical Leadership

Situational Leadership

Transactional Leadership

Fostering & Maintaining Motivation

Emotional Intelligence

Impact of Emotions in the Workspace

Handling Emotions with Your Team

Dimensions of Culture

Delegation Skills

Persuasion Skills

Lead as a Leader

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